Eagle has Landed: An Assessment of 2020 US Elections from the Perspective of Political Technocrats

11 Jan

Eagle has Landed: An Assessment of 2020 US Elections from the Perspective of Political Technocrats

PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. is hosting “Eagle Has Landed”, an online forum that will assess the 2020 US Elections and its implications in the Asia Region, on January 18, 2021 (Monday) from 8:30 AM to 12:00 NN via Zoom. We would like to invite you to attend this forum and join us as we discuss what’s in store for the Asia Region as the US shifts under a new leadership.

Join us, as our distinguished panel of experts discuss the results of the 2020 US Elections and its implications to the Asia Region.


The USA Quilt

Mr. Benjy Messner

Founder, New River Strategies (US)
Benjy Messner is the founder of New River Strategies and a data and analytics consultant. He has worked with Beto for America, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Justin Trudeau campaign, global NGOs, and numerous Fortune 100 companies to inform their operations with data. He is a 2018 winner of the American Association of Political Consultants’ 40 Under 40 award and a 2017 winner of Campaigns & Elections’ Rising Star award.

Mr. Edward Logan

Senior Executive, Corporate Business Development, CACI – Investigation and Litigation Solutions Group (US)
Edward Logan is a Senior Executive within the Investigation, Litigation and Enforcement Business Group for CACI International Incorporated. Edward has co-founded startup companies focused on supporting the intelligence and law enforcement sectors in the United States. He also advocates for blockchain technology adoption in the education sector.

Asia’s Standpoint

Ms. Charu Pragya

National Incharge (Legal Cell) – Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha
Ms. Pragya is the head of the National Legal Cell of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), one of the largest youth political organization of India. She speaks on issues on relating to governance, policy, local civic issues, education, and social-rural programs.

Mr. Roger Do

CXO/Founder, Autopolitics (Taiwan)
Roger Do is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Autopolitic. In the last 6 years, AutoPolitic has worked with over 70 campaigns in Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Winning 82% of the time. His research interests are; 1) converting conspiracy theories to political power, 2) intersection and speech rights and liability, 3) mobilization on-demand technologies.

Mr. Umer Orakzai

Public Policy Expert – Pakistan
Mr. Orakzai is a policy adviser to the Government of Khyber Pakthunkwa, Pakistan. He has a deep understanding of the regional development, especially in the current peace talk process in Afghanistan linking it to Pakistan and Iran. As well as the The Chinese intervention in Southeast Asian countries with a larger goal to link these interventions towards Europe via Central Asian countries.

Dr. David B. Yap

Chief Data Scientist, PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. (Philippines)
Dr. Yap is currently the Chief Data Scientist of PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. Holding decades of experience in data analysis and policy strategy; he served as adviser to various Filipino politicians.

Moderated by

Ms. Malou N. Tiquia

Founder/CEO (On leave), PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. 
Ms. Tiquia is the Founder and CEO of PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. She is a noted political strategist and lobbyist in the Philippines and Asia, with decades of experience in political management and policy analysis.