Since 2003, we have effectively represented our clients before the local, national, and international governments by providing targeted, fully integrated consulting services. Throughout the firm's history, our team has enabled the realities of various corporations, associations, and non-profit organizations to promote their interests through political, legislative and regulatory processes. We enable realities of our clients by formulating, designing, and implementing effective, creative strategies to achieve success in any political environment.
PUBLiCUS has set the standards in a nascent industry in the Philippines: Lobbying and Political Campaigns Management. PUBLiCUS has defined the industry standards by creating a niche and distinguishing itself from law offices, public relations firms, and issue advocates.

Our 80 : 20 Vision

In the forefront of mustering FILIPINOS CAN, when 20 percent of the productive populace’s inputs or efforts are optimized to effect the desired 80 percent national change.

Our Mission

To be a LEARNING ORGANIZATION where people continually expand their capacity to create and achieve results they truly desire; where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured; where collective aspiration is set free; and, where people are continually learning to see the whole together.


PUBLiCUS is a relational business anchored on a passion for integrity and trust, as well as transparency and accountability.

PUBLiCUS is committed to excellence and innovation; hence, quality of service and ability to deliver what has been promised are primordial.


  • Be a one-stop shop in campaigns management whether this be political, corporate, or public interest.
  • Pave way in professionalizing government relations and campaigns management that will result to a distinct industry of its own.
  • Set standards in the industry and share best practices with practitioners in the field.