We offer innovative tools to help you understand the behavior of your target audiences, capture their tastes, and craft the right responses. Our advance research engines are also formulated to produce accurate results and aid in insightful analyses.
VOX Opinion Research
Using niche marketing, VOX Opinion Research focuses on political surveys catering to local candidates and branding surveys for national candidates. VOX Opinion Research offers uses facilities that help client get the most reliable and precise public pulse. A room that can accommodate 8-10 respondents and is equipped with an observation room, sound system, and devices for documentation.
TheLOBBYiST is an online magazine that serves as a source of the most reliable and relevant information on campaigns and advocacy and in-depth discussions of hot button issues and policy directions. Its primary audiences are decision-makers in private sector, officials in government, and members of the academe.
An online media monitoring service using Ubermetrics, a German social listening tool, that provides analysis of data on a subject across social media based on virality factors. Keeps track of your market’s trending topics and reactions.
VOX has designed a survey that works as a direct feedback mechanism customized for local governments where constituents are able to assess projects, programs, and/or services of its LGU via a comprehensive and interactive system.
Poltical Campaigns is a venue for conducting campaign strategies and management. In 2003, it held its first local political campaigns management intensive training in collaboration with the Development Academy of the Philippines; the first foreign training series was in 2006 with Malaysia’s two leading political parties. Also in 2003, PUBLiCUS staged its 1st Political Campaign Suppliers Exhibit. In 2006, the 2nd POLCamps was hosted with American political consultant Dr. Denise Baer discussing the victory of the Democrats in both chambers of the US Congress during the Bush Administration. The 3rd POLCamps was in 2009 coinciding with the staging of the 2nd Political Campaign Suppliers Exhibit at the World Trade Center. In 2015, PUBLiCUS held its 3rd Ultimate Suppliers Exhibition and welcomed two of former President Barack Obama's political strategists, Nathaniel Lubin and Benjy Messner, who gave a talk on how the president was able to secure his votes by converging online and off-line campaigns.