PUBLiCUS is proud to be a pioneer in the lobbying industry in areas of ethics and standards. We practice and maintain an internal business ethics program based on Republic Act No. 1827 and is actively pursuing amendments to it to professionalize the industry.

All PUBLiCUS professionals are required to participate in the program, which includes an annual seminar on the rules and guidelines regulating the lobbying industry. This program allows the staff to stay abreast with all the most current legal standards governing the industry.

PUBLiCUS annually renews its license at the House of Representatives and the Senate.

PUBLiCUS operates on the principle of strict confidentiality. Hence, we rarely present a list of clients and talk about them, save for the issues, projects, and campaigns that we do for them.

We adhere to strict non-disclosure agreements when we do surveys for our clients. We often adopt an embargo clause.