Centurion: The Game-Changing Political Management App to Revolutionize Campaigns

01 Aug

Centurion: The Game-Changing Political Management App to Revolutionize Campaigns

PUBLiCUS Asia Inc, a leading political consulting firm established in 2003, is proud to unveil its groundbreaking political application, Centurion. This highly anticipated Software as a Service (SaaS) is set to bring cutting-edge technology to political management and campaigns, enabling users to harness data-driven insights and analytics for unprecedented success in the political arena. Centurion was officially soft-launched last July 31, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of political campaign strategies.

After being kept under wraps since June 2022, Centurion emerges as the culmination of two decades of experience in managing and running campaigns at the ASEAN, national, and local levels. Designed as an ecosystem covering three critical spheres of political management – ground, air, and digital – Centurion empowers political offices, campaigners, and consultants to make informed decisions using actionable information derived from comprehensive data analysis.

Under the visionary leadership of Malou Tiquia, Founder and CEO of PUBLiCUS, Centurion sets a new standard by embracing data and analytics as central pillars of political management. Tiquia emphasized that “Centurion is not a disruption but an evolution in the industry, reflecting the innovative direction of political consulting firms worldwide, which now heavily rely on data and analytics.”

Centurion operates as a SaaS, ensuring effortless accessibility through internet and mobile platforms, aligning with modern political applications’ standards. Users will be able to access the software through web browsers or thin clients without the need for individual installations or server management. As a result, Centurion promises scalability, cost-effectiveness, and easy integration with existing systems.

PUBLiCUS has long advocated the introduction of science into political management, urging data availability that respects voters’ privacy while providing invaluable demographics and psychographics for effective electoral management. Centurion addresses this need by enabling data parsing and analysis of registered voters, turnout percentages, and electoral history, thus empowering politicians with key insights for informed decision-making.

Centurion comes equipped with a powerful Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) feature, enabling politicians to establish meaningful connections with their constituents. Addressing the pitfalls of mere social media follower count as a campaign metric, Tiquia highlights the importance of engaging with voters directly, underscoring the significance of true voter engagement.

Conceptualized by Malou Tiquia herself, Centurion’s development was entrusted to Zynappse Corporation, an IT solutions provider with expertise in mobile, desktop, enterprise, and cloud computing technologies. This collaboration ensures the seamless integration of innovative features and smooth functionality for users.

As presented by the Founder and CEO of Zynappse Corporation Cris Tagle, Centurion’s five main features are: 1) political mapping, where Geographic Information Systems (GIS) play an important role in providing valuable spatial data and analytical tools; 2) online surveys, where politicians can understand voters’ behaviors; 3) Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), which allows to set up a database with election history analysis; 4) mobility to connect with supporters and voters in real time; and 5) the Core as the foundation of the ecosystem.

Additionally, PUBLiCUS Asia Research and Training Director Ross Villamil emphasized the practical application of the Centurion app for political campaigns in the digital age. Centurion provides timely, relevant actionable information through data analysis and visualization, identifies specific voter segments based on various demographics, forecasts outcomes based on various data, monitors sentiments on social media, news, and online discussions in real-time, and provides personalized communication based on voter preferences and behavior.

Furthermore, PUBLiCUS Asia Principal Strategist Chariez Parra discussed potential partnership opportunities with Centurion. He outlined the three partnership packages available to candidates in the forthcoming 2025 Midterm Elections: 1) Starter, 2) Premium, and 3) Enterprise. Parra added that the app will allow candidates to interact internally with their campaign team, track campaign success, map the political landscape, and identify key allies, among other things.

For more information about the Centurion app and be up-to-date with this latest technology, email us at: centurion@publicusasia.com, info@centurionsaas.com, and pai@centurionsaas.com.

Mr. Jose ‘Chariez’ Parra
Principal Strategist