11 Jun



Life in Luzon vs. life in Visayas and Mindanao

72% of respondents said yes when asked if they think life in Luzon is better than the lives of those in the Visayas or Mindanao.

Agreement/Disagreement with aspects of life and governance in Luzon

About life and governance in Luzon, 72% agreed that as there are more people in Luzon the government should spend more money on it, but 76% agree that as a resident of Luzon they also want to contribute to those places outside of Luzon. 68% of voters in Balance Luzon agree that life is more quiet and peaceful in Luzon.

A majority agree that it is important that the president and high officials are form Luzon and almost a same percentage of voters agree that local leaders in Luzon are better and more honest. And still a majority agree that they still do not understand the behavior and words of PRRD.

Opinion on big infrastructure projects in Luzon: Clark, Clark International Airport, international airport in Bulacan

Related to big infrastructure projects in Luzon, 75% of respondents agree that they are happy about the development of Clark because businesses will get better and prosper within Clark, in its surrounding communities, and in our nation as a whole. 62% of respondents agree that Clark International Airport should be the premier airport in the country. While 63% agree that it is good to have another international airport in Bulacan province.

Travel to Visayas and Mindanao

78% of respondents polled reported that they have not gone to the Visayas, while 22% visited at least once. Most of those who have gone to the Visayas said they went there for a vacation at 87%, and 13% said for work/business. On the other hand, 90% of respondents reported they have not gone to Mindanao, only 10 % said they have gone to Miondanao at least once. 79% of those who have been gone to Mindanao said their trip was for vacation and 21% said for work/business.

Travel within Luzon

A third of respondents form Balance Luzon said the farthest they have been to in Luzon is the NCR, with 18% saying Region 4A and 17% said CAR. A majority of voters said they can go around Luzon by riding a bus or driving through its streets, and another majority agree that roads in Luzon are god and it is safe to travel at night.