Executive Summary – Findings of PAHAYAG VisMin Poll

16 Dec

Executive Summary – Findings of PAHAYAG VisMin Poll

Impact of Third Telco (MISLATEL) on Services

Approximately half of respondents are unsure of whether the entry of MISLATEL into as the third player in the telecommunications industry will result to faster and cheaper internet services.

However, only 16.5% of respondents are pessimistic that MISLATEL’s entry will not result in faster or cheaper internet, while around three in ten respondents are optimistic that better and more affordable internet services will result from this development.

Development of Oil and Mineral Resources

The United States is the most trusted potential partner in developing Philippine natural resources, with 41.45% of respondents saying they would be amenable with the U.S. playing a role in the development of Philippine oil and mineral resources.

Meanwhile, majority of the respondents said they would not agree with China playing any role in the development of Philippine natural resources. Opinions were split on whether or not Japan or ASEAN should be given a role in the development of these resources.

It should be noted that not even the most trusted country, the U.S., secured the trust of a majority of respondents for Philippine natural resources development.

Favorability of International/Regional Organizations

Most respondents view it favorable for the Philippines to establish close relations and be active in ASEAN.

The vast majority of respondents are not aware of the EU, but many who are aware of the EU are in favor of establishing close relations and collaboration with them and its member countries. However, 9.35% of respondents or almost one-third of those who are aware of the EU said it would be favorable to the Philippines to reject grants from the EU and its member countries if they continue to interfere with domestic policy.