Executive Summary – Findings of PAHAYAG VisMin Poll

16 Dec

Executive Summary – Findings of PAHAYAG VisMin Poll

Attention to Politics

Almost half of respondents indicated that their attention to politics INCREASED after the election of President Duterte. This is especially true in regions in Mindanao.

Four out of ten respondents said they were PRO-ADMINISTRATION while three out of ten can be characterized as Independents who are neither pro- or anti-administration.

Meanwhile, less than ten percent of respondents identified themselves as PRO-OPPOSITION. Pro-Opposition sentiments were highest in Western Visayas and SOCCSKSARGEN.

Approval and Trust of Top 5 Government Officials

Over 90% of respondents indicated that they approve of President Duterte. Less than 2% expressed their disapproval of the President.

Approximately 60% approved of Vice President Robredo. Approximately 10%, however, expressed their disapproval. It is of note that the disapproval towards Robredo is especially high in pro-opposition Western Visayas.

Approximately half of those who are aware of CJ Bersamin approve of his work. Only a small fraction disapproval manifested in the results.

Approximately 60% of respondents are approved of SP Sotto. Only 6% expressed their disapproval on SP Sotto’s work. Support for SP Sotto is especially high in Caraga and Davao Region.

Over 70% of respondents approved of Speaker Cayetano. Approximately 5% disapproved of him, with the highest disapproval rate coming from Western Visayas.

President Duterte is the most trusted official at 86.5%, followed by House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano at 49.1%. Senate President Sotto (39.95%) and Vice President Robredo (36.15%) are significantly less trusted, while only 12.55% of respondents trust Chief Justice Bersamin.

Vice President Robredo is the most distrusted official. At 11.45%, her DISTRUSTED rating is the only one among the five officials to hit double digits.

Approval and Trust of Senators

Newly elected Mindanaoan senators DELA ROSA and GO are among the most highly approved of senators. This means that all Mindanaoan senators have a HIGHLY APPROVED rating of at least 21% and a combined approval rating of at least 60%.

Many multi-term senators are in the bottom half in terms of approval rating. First-term senators VILLANUEVA and GATCHALIAN have relatively low levels of approval and relatively high levels of disapproval – especially when compared to other first term senators (Marcos, Pacquiao, Go, and Dela Rosa).

Senator DE LIMA has the lowest approval rating and highest disapproval rating – with her disapproval rating breaching the 30% mark. Other opposition senators fared better than DE LIMA. All opposition senators, however, are among the bottom twelve of senators in terms of approval.

GO and DELA ROSA are also among the most highly TRUSTED senators. This means that three Mindanaoan senators (GO, DELA ROSA, and PACQUIAO) have trust levels that hover around 50%. The other Mindanaoan senators ZUBIRI and PIMENTEL have decent but markedly lower levels of trust than the aforementioned three.

Senator DE LIMA has the lowest trust rating and the highest distrust rating. Other opposition senators have trust ratings hovering around 30% and distrust ratings hovering around 10%.

Trust Ratings of Institutions

Approximately six out of every ten respondents trust the government and the military. More than half trust the police and media. Meanwhile, less than half trust business and non-government organizations (NGOs).

Media Trust Ratings

ABS-CBN and GMA-7 are the most trusted media news sources, with 70.85% and 59.3% of respondents trusting them, respectively.

AKSYON RADYO appears to be the most trusted radio station among the pool of Visayan respondents with a trust rating that is more than double the second ranked radio station. BOMBO RADYO and RMN RADYO are the most trusted radio stations among Mindanaoan respondents. AKSYON RADYO retains a moderate level of trust in Mindanao – enough to get it to third place.

Manila Bulletin is the most trusted newspaper, although almost four out of every ten respondents indicated that they do not get information from the source.

Online news sites are generally more trusted than forums and blogs. The distrust ratings of all three, however, are comparable. Facebook appears to be the most trusted and the most frequently used social media outlet. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn are generally distrusted. Google is the most trusted search engine.

Decisive Top Government Official

Nine out of ten respondents view President Duterte as the most decisive government official. However, the President’s decisiveness rating is markedly lower in Western and Central Visayas, where Vice President Robredo gains ground as the second-most decisive official.