Executive Summary – Findings of PAHAYAG VisMin Poll

16 Dec

Executive Summary – Findings of PAHAYAG VisMin Poll


PDP-LABAN and LP are the most popular political parties in VISMIN with a 70%+ awareness ratings. HUGPONG is third at 56%, carried mostly by extremely high levels in Mindanao. The other listed parties hover around 30% to 40%, with NUP being the least popular of the listed major parties.

PDP-LABAN and HUGPONG are the most preferred parties with 26.85% and 17.60% of respondents reporting partiality for them, respectively. LP came in third place with 10.80%.




Almost half of respondents (48.8%) indicate that life in Visayas and Mindanao is getting better under the Duterte administration. 17% said life is not getting better, while 34.2% are unsure. It should be noted that perception varies significantly per region. While a sizable majority of respondents from Western Visayas, Eastern Visayas, Davao Region, SOCCSKSARGEN, and BARMM agree that life is getting better, a much smaller proportion of respondents from Zamboanga Peninsula, Northern Mindanao, and Caraga agree with the statement.

Around eight out of every ten respondents agree that Visayas and Mindanao should get a larger share of the national budget because they need it more. Seven out of ten respondents deem it important that the President and other top-level officials of government hail from Visayas or Mindanao.

Awareness for most of the VISMIN infrastructure projects appears to be relatively low – with the widely covered Marawi rehabilitation being the most popular project at 33%. Despite not being fully aware of the specifics of the Build, Build, Build program, respondents are overwhelming supportive and appreciative of it – as well as the development potential implicit in these big ticket infrastructure projects.

VisMin residents generally do not travel between the country’s island group. The majority of Visayan respondents said they had not traveled to Mindanao, and vice versa. Meanwhile, the majority of VisMin respondents reported they had not traveled to Luzon. Most cases of inter-island travel were for leisure purposes.




Television is the main media source for information on politics and current events, with 85.2% of respondents choosing it. Radio came in a distant second at 37%, followed by social media at 8.2%. Only 4.65% of respondents indicated newspapers as one of their information sources.

Word-of-mouth sources of news, such as relatives and friends, were the second and fourth most popular source of information. Four out of ten respondents indicated relatives as a news source (more than radio), and 32.65% indicated friends.




Television is the most frequently used media source, with 84.4% of respondents indicating that they watch TV at least twice a week. Radio is also a significant media source, with around four out of every ten respondents listening to the radio at least twice per week.

Almost 75% of respondents said they never read the newspaper. Among those who do, Balita (Visayas) and Business Week Mindanao were the top news sources.

Only approximately 15% of respondents consumed news on the internet regularly or at least twice a week.




Jollibee is the most endearing restaurant/fast food brand, with 98.45% awareness and 87.3% frequency of use. Mang Inasal, Chowking, and Chooks also have universal or near universal awareness and are used considerably frequently by VisMin respondents.

Datu Puti, 555 Seafood, and San Miguel have the highest awareness and frequency of use among food and beverage brands, followed by Century Tuna, Tanduay, Selecta, and PureFoods.

Mercury, Tiki Tiki, and Unilab are the top health and personal care brands. Although SMART and GLOBE both have high awareness and frequency of use, SMART has a slight edge due to higher frequency of use at 85.45%

Among all services ABS-CBN and GMA are the most popular and the most commonly used. ABS-CBN appears to be more preferred than GMA in VISMIN.

Among mall services SM MALLS and ROBINSONS are neck and neck in terms of usage rates and preference in the TOP 3, with AYALA MALLS lagging behind.