Experts Promote “Change Resiliency” in the VUCA World

09 Mar

Experts Promote “Change Resiliency” in the VUCA World

How does one become “change resilient” to the challenges posed by the VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous)?

Anchored on the timely theme of change, experts and practitioners from the field of Human Resource Development (HRD), Organizational Development (OD) and Process Consultation gathered last February 21, 2017 at the Civil Service Commission Region 4 Office in Quezon City for the OD Conversations Series centered on Managing Change and Process Consultations.

The forum, organized by the Organizational Development Professionals Network Philippines, Inc. (ODPN), shed light to new assessment tools that could be used by practitioners in terms of applying and adapting change in the workplace.

Mr. Arthur “Turok” Florentin, Executive Director of the Civil Service Institute, introduced the DICE framework (Duration – Integrity of Performance – Commitment – Effort) as a guide for assessing change. The DICE framework measures the duration of time until the change program is completed (or for long-term programs, the amount of time between reviews of milestones); the team’s performance integrity; the commitment displayed by the top management and employees; and the effort over and above the usual work that the change initiative demands of employees. The DICE scores will help determine if the change project is in the win zone (likely to be successful), worry zone (unpredictable), or in the woe zone (likely to be unsuccessful).

Mr. Florentin was joined by Mr. Gerry Plana, CEO of Investors in People Philippines, and Ms. Cecilia Panadero for the panel discussion wherein the importance of embedding sustainable change was stressed. Embedding change, as echoed in the discussion, was crucial in sustaining improved work practices in the organization. Participatory Action Research (PAR), an ongoing and collaborative research approach that emphasizes co-learning, participation and organizational transformation, was also encouraged to involve the staff in assessing change.

Juxtaposed to the emerging VUCA world, Mr. Florentin also illustrated the place of OD practitioners in the VUCA world by using the “wave-riding analogy” wherein surfers use the waves to their advantage. “Determine where you want to go, maintain a balance and an awareness of what’s going around but [do not dwell] in the chaos. The surfer is able to make use of the environment… and focus on the vision.”