Lobbying / Government Relations

Renowned not only as the pioneer in the Philippines’ lobbying industry but also as the standard setter for ethical lobbying practices, PUBLiCUS Government Relations maintains that the business of lobbying is developing relationships


Strategic Communications

With communication as the center of everything in today’s world, PUBLiCUS Strategic Communications serves as a “one-stop-shop” in designing and executing the perfect strategy to get the right message across.


Capacity Building

PUBLiCUS measures effective capacity building process by looking at the long-term results. With this, PUBLiCUS Capacity Building follows a scientific approach in providing trainings — auditing, analyzing, and designing organizational needs to develop participants’ strengths and competencies.


Campaigns Management

PUBLiCUS has mastered the art of campaigning.  Whether corporate, political, or advocacy campaigns, PUBLiCUS Campaigns is known for tactics, strategies, techniques and tools that deliver the desired results.


Competitive Intelligence

PUBLiCUS Competitive Intelligence is composed of a team of experienced technical staff that does groundwork and secondary research. It is in partnership with a roster of reputable national and international research groups for specialized interests.