Campaigns Management

We cover not only political campaigns (in which we are quite known for), but also corporate social responsibility and issue campaigns. We conduct a number of activities to ascertain that a campaign comes out targeted and relevant.



Benchmarks and Tracking Polls

Conducts quantitative and qualitative researches at the national or local level to determine the pulse of the various publics on a policy, plan, program or after activity or terminal phase (evaluation and monitoring) of a program or a project.

Campaign Planning and Management

Develops a comprehensive campaign plan based on the results of introspection, environmental scan, and the qualitative and quantitative researches to achieve the desired outcome.

Strategy and Message Development

Designs Client’s communication plan to generate awareness of the campaign that will generate interest on it, and eventually engage supporters to a desired action.

Strategy and Message Development

Designs Client’s communication plan to generate awareness of the campaign that will generate interest on it, and eventually engage supporters to a desired action.

Candidate Coaching and Training

A series of comprehensive and intensive sessions on how to be an effective public speaker in a variety of scenarios as well as acquire skills in building good relations with media.

Candidate Branding and Positioning

Sharpens communication skills by branding and positioning client based on personal brand and vision-mission statement and in the process gain competence and confidence in self.

Campaign Collateral Studies and Production

Conceptualizes, strategizes, designs, and develops campaign collaterals and materials intended for traditional and non-traditional media.


Strategizes a fund raising drive for a campaign. The activities are: Inventory & Building of Assets Directory, Delivering Fundraising Pitch, and Conceptualizing Fundraising Events.

Client Achievements

  • A governor explored a possible Senate run… and further defined a personal vision-mission statement.
  • A political party decided to re-organize and re-engineer its organization for the 2007 national elections… and made an immediate impact by distinguishing itself from other political parties.
  • A former cabinet official decided to run for the Senate in 2004… and won the No. 1 slot with a 19 million mandate, setting a historic record.
  • Political clients who ran for vice mayoralty in one of the cites of Metro Manila, governorship in one of the premier provinces of the country, and congressional in one of the vote-rich provinces, wanted to make indelible marks in the minds of the voting populace… and won legitimate votes.
  • Two political parties in Malaysia—one belonging to the administration, the other to the opposition, both wanted to come up with political strategies espousing democratic principles … and gained them.
  • A political party in Indonesia hoping to strengthen its composition through a sound platform … and successfully revisited the same to achieve relevance to the voting populace.
  • A noted socio-civic leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist from one of the vote-rich provinces in Region 3 wanted to contribute and make a difference in the lives of the people of her district, successfully won her first bid for congress in 2010 after she effectively crafted her vision-mission statement and packaged her image. She has been elected Vice President for Luzon of the Association of Lady Legislators of the 15th Congress.
  • An outstanding chief executive of a province in Region 3 explored a run for congress aiming to uplift the lives of the people particularly in his district, easily won majority legitimate votes in the 2010 elections.
  • A popular congresswoman from one of the districts of CAMANAVA wanted a re-election in 2010 to strengthen her chances for a local executive position in her city in the 2013 elections, effectively gained another term in congress by enhancing her vision-mission statement and repositioning herself.
  • A re-electionist legislator from one of the districts of one of the biggest provinces in Region 1 wanted another bid for congress, successfully defeated her opponent by strategically repositioning herself as the better choice in her district.
  • A hardworking local executive in the most popular city in one of the biggest provinces in Region 1 scored a victory in the 2010 elections and kept her position, consequently presenting herself as the opponent to contend with for the highest local position in the city in 2013.