Capacity Building

We have spun off our services on training and organizational development as its fifth core competency under Capacity Building also referred to as Capacity Development focuses on understanding the obstacles that inhibit people and institutions from realizing their development goals while enhancing the abilities that will allow them to achieve measurable and sustainable results.



Organizational Audit & Development Training Needs Analysis, Training Design, Development & Delivery

Audits, analyzes, and designs the structure based on organizational needs.


Change Management

Briefs and assists the client to realization and acceptance of change that can affect each member of the organization, and the organization itself.

Special Staff Selection & Interview

Taps and hones the right talents to man, run and sustain a campaign until needed systems are institutionalized to ascertain its continuity.

Leadership Skills & Team Building

Tailor fit modules that aim to empower the people and organizations, enhance decision-making processes, and nurture leadership potentials based on organization’s aspirations and needs.

Legacy-Driven Leadership

Designs a plan that will guide the client to have a leadership to be remembered by the people, and will serve as benchmark to aspiring leaders.