Competitive Intelligence

We do not only maintain a roster of credible experts, but is at par with the latest in technology in research. We have the capability to do both quantitative and qualitative researches at the national or local level needed for determining the pulse of the various publics on a policy, plan, program or after activity or terminal phase (evaluation and monitoring).




Strategic Research and Development (STRAD)

Focusing on the preparation of: Environment Scan, Strategic Estimates, Special Briefings, and Summary of Information.

Gives analyses and impact assessments on key international events and flashpoints in specific regions (e.g. ASEAN, U.S., EU, China, Japan, Korean Peninsula) that affect the country.

SWOT(Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) and Policy Analysis Political Assessment (PRISA)

A brand developed by experts in the fields of national security, strategic analysis, risk management, and the social science, domestically and internationally.

Investigative Research

Conducts primary and secondary researches by roster of reputable national and international research groups for special interests.