Lobbying / Government Relations

We practice and maintain an internal business ethics program based on Republic Act No. 1827 and is actively pursuing amendments to it to professionalize the industry. We do direct and indirect lobbying. In both cases, we do monitoring of congressional committees, shepherding a legislative agenda in congress, preparing one for congressional testimonies, conducting political scanning and key influencer events, and analyzing legislative measures that might have an impact to an organization’s interest or offering options as well as strategies to the organization to bloc or speed up deliberation on issues of interest.



Direct and Indirect Lobbying

Does government relations at the Executive Branch (Office of the President and at the LGU levels), and at both Chambers of Congress (Senate and House of Representatives). For Indirect Lobbying, builds grassroots support, whether at the experts level or community level. Coaches the grassroots on the many aspects of advocacy campaign –from crafting the message, to designing a strategic communication plan, to making an effective presentation/case.

Community Relations/Public Affairs

Conceptualizes and organizes an event whose theme is directly related to a measure of interest and which could boost the client’s legislative and/or business agenda.

Environmental Scanning

Profiles parties concerned and maps out the terrain of engagement for better understanding and strategic management of a campaign.

Litigation PR

Does PR work to manage the reputation that is a subject of a litigation.

Legislative Monitoring and Analysis

Monitors client-identified Committees in the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Philippines and analyzes legislative measures that might affect the Client’s industry and offer options as well as strategies to push an agenda forward. Shepherds the Client’s legislative agenda (per bill) by reviewing and analyzing drafts and transcripts of the measure of interest at the Committee level and providing the Client advice on strategic steps.

CEO/Corporate Officers Briefing on Political Risk Assessment

If the Client is needed to appear in a committee hearing, prepares the Client inclusive of a briefer on current political scan of the House of Representatives, the Senate of the Philippines, and the Executive Branch.

Client Achievements

  • A major alliance of transport organizations sought the deletion of a provision banning importation of 2nd-hand engines in the Clean Air Act… and achieved it.
  • An oil giant wanted to kill the Oil Exchange Bill in the 12th Congress…and succeeded in it.
  • A flag carrier wanted government to delay Open Skies by presenting arguments against adopting said policy… and obtained it.
  • An organization of performers and artists wanted a whole section on Artist’s Rights in the Intellectual Property Rights Law…and secured their interests.
  • A top vehicle manufacturer opposed Excise Tax…and got an exemption.
  • A people’s organization sought legislations on Medical Malpractice and Patient’s Rights … and progress of historic significance was made.
  • A coalition of Overseas Filipinos requested Congress to grant them the right to vote… and laws on Overseas Voting, along with Dual Citizenship, were enacted.
  • A special interest group sought a redefinition of Juvenile Justice Legislation…and introduced concept of restorative justice.
  • An association of energy players wanted to present potential policy externalities in the proposed biofuels legislations… and secured communicated problem areas; thereby, introduced further amendments to the policy resulting in a more consumer-friendly Biofuels Law.
  • Some consumers disgruntled over the purchase of lemon cars with hard earned money… and got vindicated with a consumer friendly Anti-Lemon Bill.