Strategic Communications

We position ourselves to be a one-stop shop in campaign materials production in all forms of media –traditional (TV, radio, print) and non-traditional (new media), and in events management. We are the company’s mini multi-media agency, sans the exorbitant agency fees. We also maintain tie-ups with boutique service providers whose track record and expertise have proven their integrity along the lines of radio and TV ad production, print and on-line publications, jingle composition, caricature and comic strips, and even events staging.



Reputation Management

Ensures recall/visibility/popularity of the Client. This develops a high-impact media plan that takes into account relevance and positioning of the Client; thereby, increases the chances of media pick-ups. This also does strategic placement in various media.

IECM Design, Planning and Management

Designs and develops strategies for an integrated information- education-communication-mobilization program for both internal and external communications. The output of which is an integrated Communication Plan.

Key influencer Event

Organizes events such as seminars, conferences, forums, exhibits, and fund-raising activities to hype Client’s programs and/or acquire support from stakeholders.

Crisis Communication

Designs a communication strategy that aims to protect and defend the Client facing a public challenge to its reputation.

Media Mix Designing

Plans and identifies the right tools with appropriate content to target audiences and to effectively communicate the Client’s message.

Media Production

Conceptualizes designs and renders campaign collaterals that position the Client as top of the mind among target audiences.

Advocacy Advertising/Marketing

Designs a campaign plan that expresses a particular point of view about a controversial public issue directed at either specific targets or general audience.

Client Achievements

  • An oil depot became a security threat in the light of terrorist activities in Metropolitan Manila… and the local government, along with the community, appreciated the extension and re-development of the area that needed a phase-in, phase-out solution.
  • An Oil Giant sought guidance in putting together a Communication Plan on the Value Added Tax… and was able to address effectively its key internal stakeholders.
  • A consortium presented a model for the election modernization program of COMELEC… and secured an audience; as well as promoted the technology.
  • A province positioning its world class brand… and was able to harness and promote its culture of excellence.
  • A province wanted to propel and sustain economic growth through a moral recovery program… and achieved it resulting to an empowered populace acknowledged for its competitiveness here and abroad.