We offer innovative tools to help you understand the behavior of your target audiences, capture their tastes, and craft the right responses. Our advance research engines are also formulated to produce accurate results and aid in insightful analyses.

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Your listening tool on the ground. Embracing the power of technology, this mobile survey application aims to enhance survey data collection by getting fast and accurate results. It manages respondents’ questions and answers, yet secures the integrity of the data. It extracts responses fast and consolidates data quickly for transmission via telco or Wi-Fi.

PUBLiCUS aims to further harness developments in research and communication technology and VOX Mobile is only one of its ground-breaking technologies.

Your trusted partner in intersection conversations. This unique dial-based tool by Dialsmith – a team of technologists, consultants and marketers based in Portland, Oregon, used to facilitate focus group discussions (FGDs) for instant real-time results.

The Perception Analyzer assists in discovering what people think, gets results instantly and focuses one’s strategy. It helps the user evaluate products, brands, and concepts; research appeal of television programming and advertisements; test political speeches, debates, and issues; examine the overall image of a candidate; fine tune arguments in mock trials; interact with audience members during meetings, events, and conferences; enhance ROI through increased participation and content retention, educate more effectively, and conduct ground-breaking academic research.

Ubermetrics Delta extracts data from more than 400 million online sources including blogs, news, forums, academic and scientific journals, press releases and social channels such as Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and Foursquare. With Ubermetrics you can even capture comments from YouTube, Facebook, and major online news sources.

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