Pahayag online pilot poll findings to be launched in
November 2017

25 Oct

Pahayag online pilot poll findings to be launched in
November 2017

COMELEC data reveals that 24,730,013 Filipinos who registered to vote in the 2016 Philippine National Elections between the ages 18-34 years old. That’s almost half or 44.4% of the 54,363,844 total registered voters in the country. Millennials are roughly defined as those who were born from 1981-1998, or those who will turn 19 – 36 years old this year.

It is clear that in the years to come, these Filipino millennials will be taking charge of defining society and the country’s future. What’s inside the minds of this generation’s movers and shakers?

PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. has developed a survey on Filipino millennials, which will be rolled out through the PAHAYAG Online Pilot Poll powered by Vox. Respondents of this survey will be a panel of 1,200 registered voters across all socio-economic classes, ranging from 19-35 years old.

Singapore-based Lightspeed Research is the partner of PUBLiCUS for this online poll. They will provide the panel for this study. The panel will be composed of people who registered for this survey on their own volition. Lightspeed Research will actively manage and recruit panel members based on their activity and engagement by demographic group to ensure sound quality of data from panelists.

Results of the PAHAYAG Online Pilot Poll will be launched to the public on Friday, November 24, 2017.

This online poll will establish a baseline for Filipino millennials on their brand of politics, economics, and a number of social issues. It will solicit the millennial’s opinions on extra-judicial killings (EJKs), war against illegal drugs, their view of the country’s leaders, and their sense of belonging to their family, the society, and the whole country. The respondents will also be asked about the values they uphold, their priorities and goals in life, and how they perceive the direction of the country’s future. The survey will also examine millennials’ online activities and habits in this digital age.

The online poll is designed so that the respondents can answer the survey wherever they are, as long as there is stable internet connection. PUBLiCUS believes on leveraging technology to obtain relevant and top-of-mind data. In August 28, PUBLiCUS released the results of PAHAYAG Pilot Study to the public, which was conducted with the use of computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) data collection method. It departed from the traditional pen and paper interviews (PAPI), done by the firm as early as 2008. It also introduced its own indices – the Love, Care and Solidarity of Leaders Index (LCSI) and the Decisiveness Index. The introduction of new indices to measure the leaders’ performance is an effort to “introduce EQ into the fray,” according to PUBLiCUS founder and CEO Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia. Other research tools developed by PUBLiCUS are the national surveys on the psychographics of Filipino voters in 2009 and 2015. It also introduced to the Philippine market the Perception Analyzer and Ubermetrics.

PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. is a 15 year-old full-service political management and lobbying firm. Its core competencies are: government relations, campaigns management, strategic communications, competitive intelligence, and capacity building.

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