PAHAYAG SONA : PRRD approval at 64.6% nationwide

24 Aug

PAHAYAG SONA : PRRD approval at 64.6% nationwide

64.6% of respondents to the PAHAYAG SONA survey conducted by PUBLiCUS Asia Inc. between August 1-11, 2020 said they approve or strongly approve of the job performance of President Rodrigo Duterte over the past twelve months.

Approval of Duterte was strongest among respondents from his bailiwick of Mindanao (79.1%) and from the National Capital Region (66.9%). However, perceptions of respondents from South Luzon were less supportive of the President with only a slim majority (51.7%) approving of his performance.


Meanwhile, 55.2% of respondents nationwide indicated that they have High or Very High Trust in Duterte — a decided majority but almost 10 points lower than his approval rating. Around three out of four or 73.4% of Mindanao respondents said they have High or Very High Trust in the President. However, less than half of respondents from South Luzon (42.7%) and North Central Luzon (49.9%) indicated a similarly strong level of trust in Duterte.

PAHAYAG SONA is a 1,500-respondent independent and non-commissioned online panel survey conducted by PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. The panel for the survey was provided by Lightspeed GMI Singapore Pte Ltd, Profiles Division of Kantar (“Kantar”). Kantar is a leading firm in the global data industry with a panel reach 88 million respondents in 90 markets worldwide, including 100,000 respondents in the Philippines.

Invitations to answer the structured online survey questionnaire were distributed to the Philippine panel population on a random basis. Potential panel respondents were screened to possess the following characteristics: aged 18 years old and above, registered voter, and residing in the Philippines. The sample was then drawn in proportion to the registered voting population as of the May 2019 elections.

PAHAYAG is the flagship non-commissioned survey brand and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative of PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. The principal aim of the PAHAYAG brand to inform decision makers, thought leaders, the media, and the general public on the changing perceptions, opinions, and ideals of the Filipino people.

PAHAYAG SONA is the 9th PAHAYAG survey conducted and reported to the public by PUBLiCUS since the brand was established in 2017.


Reference: Mr. Jake P. Bergonia, PUBLiCUS Deputy Director