#PAHAYAGNationwide poll released

26 Apr

#PAHAYAGNationwide poll released

From the Founder/CEO

26 April 2019

PUBLiCUS Asia Inc was borne in 2003 with friends who have done years in campaign politics in various capacities. We know where we speak because we are backed by actual experience, professional training and academic accomplishments.

We embrace innovative disruptions in the field of political management. As early as 2007, we have been doing quantitative, qualitative and quasi research in the country and the region for our clients under the brand, Vox Opinion Research.

We brought in the American technology known as Perception Analyzer in 2011 for both qualitative and quasi researches. In 2014, we introduced the German social listening tool known as Ubermetrics to aid us and our clients online. We launched AI in this election cycle using a Taiwan software AutoPolitics to see the growth and use of digital platforms for political campaigns. We introduced SMIR in this election cycle.

We are thankful that since 2007, our clients have not used our surveys for propaganda purposes. It has remained internal to them and our recommendations are spot on in terms of what to do, how to do it to move the needle.

Learning from the inadequacies of the commercial survey firms on the issue of accountability and timeliness, we decided to walk our talk and build our own survey software using CAPI. It is homegrown programmers who did it, guided by our design and what we want to achieve. Yes, we are always on beta, improving things where need be since that is technology.

For us, actionable information is critical for clients, candidates and their campaign teams because reacting on dated information makes surveys very, very expensive. Handling political campaigns, clients always asked “why is the survey not capturing what we are doing? Are the interventions correct?” And it even went as far as clients wanting to know when is fieldwork to game the system because the results come a month delayed.

Personally, I have been approached by operatives selling spots. I have personal knowledge of a pushed poll done by another. Another using field operatives to land in Top 12 at a very prohibitive amount. If it can be gamed then surveys are losing its real meaning which is a “snap shot of a certain point in time” So, we decided to come up with #Pahayag, our own CSR. After 16 years, we can surely elevate the discourse by doing independent/non-commissioned polls.

We rolled out #Pahayag in 2017 with a nationwide survey, introducing Love, Care and Solidarity Index and the variable Decisiveness to add to the various variables that have been measured. Why did we do that? Because we wanted Emotional Quotient (EQ) introduced in leadership since Filipinos voters are very personal. Then we partnered with Singapore-based Lightspeed Research for our panels in our online surveys. We have done two: November 2017 and March 2019. After the nationwide poll, we did Luzon in May 2018 and NCR in November 2018 and March 2019, respectively.

We have decided to move the scheduled Vis-Min poll after elections because we wanted to use the same questionnaire used in Luzon and NCR to determine the psychographics of Filipino voters. Why is psychographics important for PUBLiCUS? Because we have done two studies in 2009 and 2015, a year before every presidential campaigns, to understand the psyche of the youth (18-35 years old). When you understand psychographics, you become an endearing brand. We believe the youth will always be the new blood in political campaigns.

We release this today with 15 campaign days left in the calendar. If your campaign team is worth their salts, they should be able to know how to calibrate things, be strategic and targeted in the last days. End strong and you have done your work.

For queries, please contact PUBLiCUS’ Deputy Director, Mr. Jake Bergonia, at jarbergonia@publicusltd.com or via 0928-505-2010.

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