#PAHAYAGOnline2 poll released

02 Apr

#PAHAYAGOnline2 poll released

Days after releasing the tracking results of #PAHAYAGNCR, PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. is again sharing to the public the results of the #PAHAYAGOnline2. The field work was conducted last March 7-16, 2019. The target respondents of this online poll are registered voters aged 23-38 years old (millennials). The 1,200 online panel respondents were provided by Lightspeed Research, a leading digital data collection specialist in Singapore.

Filipino millennials were asked to answer a structured questionnaire online, giving light to their voting preference in the 2019 senatorial race and the endorsement value of celebrities for political candidates.

Like #PAHAYAGOnline1, the second online poll also included modules on Living Standards, Approval ratings of public officials, State of the Nation, Media Habits, Issues on Federalism, Perception on PRRD, Hate Speech/Fake News, and other Campaign Issues. Further, it examines Filipino millennials’ online activities in the digital age such as online gaming (new module).

PUBLiCUS, a 16-year old full-service political consulting firm, believes in leveraging on technology to obtain relevant and top-of-mind data. It has been doing studies on millennials for the past 10 years (since 2009 and 2015) through its national surveys on the Psychographics of Filipino voters.

The independent/non-commissioned geographic polls are its way of assisting candidates and the public on appreciating surveys and making results timely,transparent and relevant.

Inquiries regarding the comprehensive report should contact PUBLiCUS Deputy Director, Mr. Jake Bergonia, at jarbergonia@publicusltd.com or via 0928 505 2010. To view the report, see this link: