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28 Oct

10 Ways Dial Testing Will Improve Your Research

The line “Gano’n rin po ang opinyon ko,” is a typical response among passive participants in focus group discussions. Not only does it put a good amount of information to waste, it also hinders researchers from getting accurate data by way of faulty recall and biased thinking.

04 Aug

No single step toward Federalism

A shift to Federalism is not just a single-step procedure, but rather an arduous process that involves revisions in the current constitution, PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia said.


NEWGENRocks! is a program that aims to reach, excite and mobilize the country’s young people to register, and vote during elections. It aims to tap the Filipino youth (18-25 years old), which based on the latest statistics number around sixteen (16) million, to create genuine political reform in the country.


Believing that to professionalize the political service industry, professional third party providers of political products and services have to also be professionals, PUBLiCUS started the first ever Political Trade Show in 2003 at the PICC.

iSKOR ko to!

Believing that good news is good business, PUBLiCUS launched a radio show over DZRH in January 2005. Without radio experience and marketing savvy, but with good intentions for a cause long overdue, iSKOR ko ‘to promoted corporate social responsibility and help small and medium enterprises without much promotional pesos.


Believing that political candidates need to learn by experience, PUBLiCUS started the first ever formal and scientifically-based Political Camps or POLCamps. It ran its first POLCamp in 2003 with an extensive 3-day workshop in the Development Academy of the Philippines.