Duterte maintains approval and trust ratings lead ahead of last SONA

Duterte maintains approval and trust ratings lead ahead of last SONA

July 26, 2021, PUBLiCUS Asia Inc has just released its second quarter poll, conducted from 13-19 July 2021. It is a nationwide purposive sampling survey comprised of 1,500 respondents drawn from a research panel of approximately 100,000 Filipino registered voters maintained by a Singapore-based firm.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte got an overall approval rating of 58%, down from Pahayag Q1 result of 65%. While his trust ratings also slid down to 50% from Q1 result of 55%. While it is a sizeable drop for both approval and trust ratings, President Duterte still lead the top five government officials with a total approval rating of 58% and a total trust rating of 50%.

The Duterte Administration received passing / passable (on or above 6) marks in all areas except promoting human rights (5.86) and managing inflation (5.82).

With the Duterte administration project and actions; the Build Build Build is the most popular project by a wide margin. The campaign against illegal drugs and the Bayanihan Acts share the second top spot. The Universal Health Care Act is a distant third. The Anti-Terrorism Act was cited as a top 3 project by over a fifth of respondents.

The survey is an independent, non-commissioned, national poll covering eight (8) modules measured: state of the economy and economic prospects, COVID-19 vaccine tracker, national issues, scorecard for national leaders and institutions emotional quotient of incumbent and prospective leaders, media consumption habits and responses to media campaigns, predisposition, and the Duterte administration scorecard.

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