PUBLiCUS Asia releases its 4th drill poll with Pahayag NCR

29 Nov

PUBLiCUS Asia releases its 4th drill poll with Pahayag NCR

PUBLiCUS Asia Inc releases its independent/non-commissioned drill poll, this time focusing on the National Capital Region (NCR).  After its CAPI-powered omnibus poll, #PahayagOmnibus last August 2017 and #PahayagOnline in November 2017, it sequentially did #PahayagLuzon in May 2018. These drill polls are in-depth studies measuring and tracking variables such as state of the nation, economy,foreign relations and public diplomacy; federalism; Mindanao; and, military influence in governance, among others by island groupings and online.

In the earlier polls, PUBLiCUS introduced the Love, Care, and Solidarity of Leaders Index (LCSI), a new metric in measuring Filipinos’ perception of their elected leader, and the Decisiveness Index, setting it apart from other polls and offering new ways of measuring performance of government leaders in the eyes of the public.  These two variables were operationalized from the two national psychographics polls PUBLiCUS conducted in 2009 and 2015, a year before presidential campaigns purposely to study the “personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles” of registered voters from 18-35 years old.  “We will continue to do the nationwide psychographics poll in 2021 in preparation for the presidential campaign in 2022. It is our commitment in building a mature political discourse in the country,” added Malou Tiquia, Founder/CEO of PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc.

“We timed the #PahayagNCR after the filing of the Certificate of Candidacy so that we can do a good reading on NCR races before any switching can be done,” pointed by Lilibet Amatong, Co-founder/COO of the organization.  Tiquia stated that the list for the Senate is not long because we made sure only those with the “capacity to launch a national campaign should be measured.”

Pahayag is only one of the many research tools developed by PUBLiCUS through its research arm, Vox Opinion Research. Vox uses the American dial-based Perception Analyzer, a tool for testing concepts, speeches, videos and TV and radio ads on Focus Group Discussions. Vox also offers COMPINTRIX service through Ubermetrics, a German online analytics technology used in Communication Controlling, Crisis Communication, Public Relations, Competitors Analysis, and Lead Generation. It will likewise introduce an application on victory pathways in social media campaigns.

PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. is a full-service political campaigns management and lobbying firm, the first and only of its kind registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Bureau of Internal Revenue since 2003. Its core competencies are: government relations, campaigns management, strategic communications, competitive intelligence, and capacity building.

Contact: Lilibet Amatong (09285052012)