PUBLiCUS Asia to issue its Social Media Intelligence Report

25 Jan

PUBLiCUS Asia to issue its Social Media Intelligence Report

With elections around the corner, PUBLiCUS Asia Inc. will present its Social Media Intelligence Report to guide candidates to better understand the dynamics of political campaigning today. Traditionally, air and ground wars dictate campaign strategies. Air war refer to TV and radio while ground war refer to sorties, door-to-door, grassroots.
“It is no longer just air and ground wars, campaigns need to navigate the digital terrain effectively in order to present a candidate effectively to its target audience”, according to PUBLiCUS Founder/CEO, Malou Tiquia. “They are all interconnected and a winning campaign has to find the right mix to move voters to support their candidates”, added Tiquia. Digital covers social media. It is the “collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.”

For a political campaign to be effective and competitive, it would need to embrace the so-called 360 campaign that integrates ground, air, and digital to cover 62 Million touch points. “You need to complement air, ground with digital. “A candidate who has just digital will not resonate well. You need digital to combine with ground at a minimum of air.” A candidate who does heavy on air will spend much but conversion is not guaranteed. You need the three to be competitive.”

This Social Media Intelligence Report (SMIR) will include the rankings of candidates for the Senate using the following variables: 1) Exposure, 2) Popularity, and 3) Virality. It will cover the months of January to May 2019 and will be in the public domain. Subscribers to SMIR will get an added variable which is Social Capacity. This variable reveals to the candidate how effective their strategies online are.

PUBLiCUS Asia, through this undertaking also aims to emphasize the difference between social media monitoring and social media intelligence. While reporting and monitoring social media stats – reach, engagement, and mentions –is important, candidates must also do social media intelligence as it provides insights from the data that will allow one to come up with decisions and to plan necessary actions to improve one’s social media campaign. Social media monitoring is simply presenting what has happened, but social media intelligence is asking why. PUBLiCUS Asia uses two proprietary applications for monitoring and intelligence.

PUBLiCUS Asia is a 16 year old political consulting firm based in Manila with ASEAN as its practice area. It has handled winning international, national and local political campaigns. It’s core competencies are lobbying, campaigns, competitive intelligence, strategic communications and capacity building.