PUBLiCUS Founder/CEO lectures on Legislative Advocacy

04 Apr

PUBLiCUS Founder/CEO lectures on Legislative Advocacy

Last March 28, PUBLiCUS Asia Inc., Founder and CEO Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia spoke before the members of the Juvenile Justice Welfare Council (JJWC) during their 3-day training on Legislative Advocacy, Social Mobilization, and Knowledge Management held at the Continuing Education Center of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna.

Tiquia’s presentation emphasized the importance of strategic knowledge management and social mobilization for the legislative advocacy of the JJWC. According to her, relevant problems raised at the Philippine Congress needs to be founded by factual and comprehensive data. These data should be used by an organization in framing or repositioning the message of their advocacy. According to Tiquia, “Reframing is very important. You should look for a communication device that would allow you to have a bigger support.”

Moreover, Tiquia said that the problem with the public policy process in the Philippines is the inadequate supply of reliable comprehensive data from government agencies. She specified that unreliable data should be debunked by concerned organizations – specifically the JJWC on the Juvenile Justice Law – because these data, if not debunked, eventually create the alternative truth which can greatly affect the decision of the Congress.

As a strategy, it is essential for an organization to find advocates within the legislative branch who would “champion” the policy/advocacy JJWC is trying to push. It is also important to study the profiles of members in both houses of Congress and identify who among them, will stand for and against JJWC proposal/s.