Survey Reveals Shifting Filipino Views on International Relations

17 Aug

Survey Reveals Shifting Filipino Views on International Relations

The PAHAYAG 2023 First Quarter, conducted independently by PUBLiCUS Asia Inc. between March 2 and 6, 2023, reveals the perspectives of Filipinos towards different countries and international organizations.


Among the notable findings, Japan holds the highest level of trust among Filipinos at 55%, followed closely by ASEAN and Canada, at 45% and 44%, respectively. Interestingly, South Korea (39%), Australia (39%), and the USA (39%) share comparable levels of trust. However, reservations are slightly more apparent in relation to the USA, similar to attitudes towards the UK (34%) and the European Union (30%). In contrast, the survey indicates a distinct lack of trust in China at 9% with Russia at 14%. (See Table 1)

Table 1

Significantly, the survey highlights a considerable amount of mistrust towards China, largely attributed to the widespread belief that China poses the most significant threat to the Philippines at 79%. (See Table 2)

Table 2

In terms of foreign policy, the survey indicates that 6 in every 10 Filipinos support the President’s stance and strategies regarding the West Philippine Sea dispute. This support encompasses not yielding to China, seeking diplomatic resolution to territorial disagreements, and fortifying bilateral cooperation between the Philippines and China. (See Table 3)

Table 3

“We have been following Filipino voters’ perceptions of certain countries and international organizations since the first quarter of this year. We can infer that voters have varying attitudes towards these entities, particularly the United States, China, and Russia,” said Eric Estrabo, PAHAYAG Project Lead.

The PAHAYAG 2023 First Quarter Survey (PQ1) is an independent and non-commissioned survey conducted by PUBLiCUS Asia Inc. between 2-6 March 2023. It is a nationwide purposive survey with 1,500 respondents randomly drawn from a market research panel of over 200,000 Filipinos maintained by PureSpectrum, a US-based panel marketplace with a multinational presence.

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